Vizient Pharmacy Vision Awards: Mark A. Johnson excellence in pharmacy analytics

Dr. David Aguero, Director, Medication Systems and Informatics, and Dr. Ben Moore, Pharmaceutical Data Analytics Coordinator at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital winners of the Vizient Pharmacy Vision Award for excellence in pharmacy analytics, discuss their program that used analytics to design a program that positioned pharmacy as an internal service line with defined business goals with host Gretchen Brummel.


Guest speakers:
David Aguero, PharmD, MSTL, dPLA
Director, Medication Systems and Informatics 
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Ben Moore, PharmD, MS
Pharmaceutical Data Analytics Coordinator 
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Gretchen Brummel, PharmD, BCPS
Pharmacy Executive Director
Vizient Center for Pharmacy Practice Excellence


Show Notes:

[01:13-2:42] Background information on pharmaceutical services, informatics, analytics team at St Jude

[02:43-5:23] Building the governance structure at St. Jude

[05:24-7:39] The problem that needed solving

[07:40-10:00] Ultimately, what did they want to accomplish

[10:01-13:58] Approaches that address the issues    

[13:59-16:25] Deliverables they were able to reduce as part of this work, and who are their end users

[16:26-18:03] Discovering other opportunities

[18:04-19:48] Outcomes from the work

[19:49-20:44] Role of analytics in health care, specifically in pharmacy

[20:45-21:29] Future plans

[21:30-22:37] Advice for frontline pharmacy staff


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