Tuesday Aug 22, 2023

It takes a village! Advancing pharmacy practice through excellence in public policy, Part 2

Vizient Pharmacy Vision Awards celebrate the values and achievements of our pharmacy members. 3 winners of the 2022 Excellence in Public Policy Award, Jacqueline Blake, Drs. Leeann Miller and Marjorie Lazarre, all from Yale New Haven Health, join Gretchen Brummel, Pharmacy Executive Director in the Center for Pharmacy Practice Excellence at Vizient, and your program host to discuss advancing pharmacy practice through public policy.


Guest speakers:

LeeAnn Miller, PharmD, MS, CPEL

Vice President, Chief Pharmacy Officer

Yale New Haven Health


Marjorie Lazarre, PharmD, MBA 

Associate Chief Pharmacy Officer

Corporate Pharmacy Services

Yale New Haven Health


Jacqueline Blake, Esq
Senior Government Relations Officer

Yale New Haven Health



Gretchen Brummel, PharmD, BCPS

Pharmacy Executive Director

Vizient Center for Pharmacy Practice Excellence


Show Notes:

[00:42-01:48] Amber, Marie and Steph backgrounds

[01:49-03:11] Why advocacy is so important

[03:12 - 05:06] How to justify focusing on advocacy

[05:07- 06:36] How to get started in advocacy

[06:37-08:31] Getting away from, "We've always done it this way

[08:31 - 12:43] Changes in advocacy over their careers

[12:44 - 13:54] Maintaining momentum

[13:55 - 17:33] Real world wins and examples of successes

[17:34 - 21:05] Partners to propel their messages forward

[21:06 - 23:34] Things folks should look out for

[23:35 - 25:42] Their advice around advocacy

[25:43 - 26:25] Future plans


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